Texas Property Sisters Realty Group

new home builders


Advise on builders and subdivisions
Texas Property Sisters will provide information on recent sales and resales in the subdivision or area and advise home buyers based on their experience with particular builders.

Educate the buyer on development, construction, and new-home purchase processes
Though not lawyers, Texas Property Sisters have experience with the use of builder contracts and can lend insight into the ways that contract proprovisions can surprise a buyer.  An agent can assist in clarifying differences between the model home and the standard home.

Help the buyer evaluate houses, lots, subdivisions, and locations
An agent can provide information regarding pitfalls to avoid when building a home.  This information will help to maximize resale value.

Monitor the construction progress
An agent assists the buyer in working with the builder to stay on schedule.

Deal with buyer concerns and act as a buyer advocate
An agent can ask the hard questions and still preserve the relationship between the buyer and the builder.

Create and maintain a paper trail
An agent will be unrelenting in making sure that the paperwork necessary to protect the buyer’s interests is maintained. The sales contract written by the sales representative is usually not valid until accepted by corporate management — a process that may take weeks.

Arrange for independent inspections
An agent advises as to the importance of staged independent inspections.

Assist the buyer at closing
An agent makes sure that the buyer understands the procedures in closing and when dealing with outstanding issues.

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